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Centrifuga MKE DL-5M & CVR-80B si prislužita priznanje v provincialnem krvnem centru Zhenjiang

Čas objave: 2023 Ogledov: 31

We are proud that the MKE Centrifuge DL-5M and CVR-80B have received acclaim and are now actively utilized at the Zhenjiang Provincial Blood Center.

Key Features of DL-5M & CVR-80B:

● Direct Drive with Variable Frequency Motor: Ensuring optimal performance and energy efficiency.

● Highly Efficient Eco-Friendly Cooling System: Minimizing environmental impact with precision temperature control.

● Six-Level Damping for Optimal Centrifugation: Achieving the pinnacle of centrifugation effectiveness with advanced shock absorption.

● With Impressive 7-inch Touchscreen Display, the Floor standing low speed refrigerated centrifuge DL-5M Capacity is Up to 168 Blood Tubes at a Time, can Significantly increasing throughput and efficiency in blood processing.

MKE Centrifuge is honored to contribute to the Zhenjiang Provincial Blood Center's mission. We are dedicated to providing top-notch, high-precision centrifuges for blood centers, ensuring the highest quality standards.

O centrifugi MKE:

Founded in 2015, MKE stands as a professional manufacturer of centrifuges, catering to diverse industries such as laboratories, hospitals, medicine, life sciences, agriculture sciences, and research institutes. Our extensive product range includes high speed centrifuges,low speed centrifuges,blood bank centrifuges,refrigerated centrifuges, large capacity refrigerated centrifuges, and PRP centrifuges, Itd

Drawing on our wealth of manufacturing expertise and the strength of our dedicated R & D team, MKE has achieved significant milestones in the development of centrifuges for experimental research.

For centrifuge inquiries, please contact [e-pošta zaščitena].

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